Wonderland introduces WonderBuddy

To increase safety at our events, we decided to introduce a WonderBuddy*.
You now will need WonderBuddy to come to Wonderland.

Who is WonderBuddy?
It's a person that knows you and vouches for you. And vice versa.
You are both responsible for each other and each other's behavior at Wonderland.
If either of you misbehaves or breaks the rules you will both be held responsible.

Who can be my WonderBuddy?
It can be your friend, your partner, it can be a single person or a couple;
they can be the same or another gender. It doesn't matter.
What matters, is that you trust each other.

Do I need a WonderBuddy to come to Wonderland?

Do I and my WonderBuddy(-ies) need to arrive at the same time?

Can I look for WonderBuddy online, eg. in a Facebook group?
We stronlgy recommend that you don't. A WonderBuddy is someone that you know and trust. Are you sure you can say that about someone you found randomly on the internet just before the party?
We don't allow WonderBuddy personals in Wonderland groups.

What if I don't know anybody?
We will soon be organizing Wonderland Meetings - social gatherings where you can meet us and we can meet you - and get to know each other.
There will be one happening in March, so check the website again soon for more info.

We truly believe that this system will help create a better and safer space for all of us.
Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas.

(*WonderBuddy is inspired and based on PAL System - Pervy Activity Liaison,
created by amazing people at Kinky Salon San Francisco (http://www.kinkysalon.com/pal/))


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