Wonderland starts a consent campaign


It is very important that everyone at our parties is and feels safe - and to make sure that this happens, we ask you to follow these simple rules:

First of all, please please please, make sure that you always get consent for everything you do - and remember that not only 'no means no' but also maybe means no, silence means no - and in fact, anything but yes means no

Don't be pushy: it's ok to be excited, it's not ok to get carried away, so always ask - and keep asking. Sometimes a hug or a kiss can be misunderstood as an invitation to something more. Make sure you have a permission before you go further. 

Always be clear about your boundaries and make sure you are comfortable with what's happening. It's your right to say no at any point. Have a safe word or gesture. 

See something? Say something! If you see or experience something that is not right, please let us know immediately. It's much easier to deal with the problems right then and there. Don't be shy or embarrassed, talk to us! 

From now on we will be introducing guardians to guard the entry to the play room - and to make sure that everyone is safe and happy. They will have visible armbands, so will be easy to spot.Find them if you need to talk to someone, they are there to help



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